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The Government of Andhra Pradesh has ordered the transfers should be undertaken in a transparent process using IT application. Accordingly, an application called ‘Online Employees Transfer System’ (OETS) has been developed for the use of the Heads of Departments/Competent Authorities/Individual Employees. The Government hereby order that all the transfers shall be done only through this system.


Guidelines and Instructions for using the online applications


This process illustration showcases 7 main steps or activities in the process, some of which are performed online in the application and some are done outside as manual processes. Key users for the application are – Competent Authority, Head of the Department, Employee. Following are a set of brief guidelines on using the online application through a step by step activity, by the role and the expected outcomes:


  • URL for the Online Application is:

  • Log in to the Application:

    • User ID – Employee ID (as per the Payroll). If Employee ID is not known please contact your CA, HOD, Supervisor or DDO

    • Mobile Number – Enter the Mobile Number to which you would like to receive OTP and other communication during the transfer process

    • One Time Password (OTP) – An OTP will be sent to the Mobile Number that you enter

    • Bank Account Number – Your Bank Account Number is the number where you receive your salary as per the available records with the payroll. This is used for second level authentication.

  • Competent Authority Login will have the following options:

    • Publish the Eligible Employee List for Transfers along with their details

    • Publish the existing and potential vacancies list

    • Enter the Employee rankings in the merit order within the each grouping

    • Capture counselling details

    • Review and Finalise the new postings for the eligible employees

    • Generate Transfer Orders for the eligible employees about their new postings

  • Employee Login will have the following options:

    • Review the employee details and request for any changes through CA

    • Review the list of vacancies

    • Submit preferences against the vacancies

  • HOD Login will have the following options:

    • Review the activities of CA

    • Review the CA data and ensure the accuracy

    • Reports

Help Desk:

Finance Department has enabled a help desk to support the Competent Authorities, HODs and Employees in the process of using the application. The help desk can be reached at the following email and telephones:


Download detailed information about AP #OETS

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