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JnanaBhumi is a smart portal www.jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in for integrated delivery of services relating to Education and Scholarships. This portal integrates the workflow in the educational institutions with the scholarship lifecycle to create synergies and create value added to the educational institutions and students. The Hon’ble Chief Minister has unveiled the logo and launched the website of the Smart Web portal christened as “JnanaBhumi” (land of knowledge) (www.jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in) on 31st May 2017 at Vijayawada and instructions were issued regarding operationalization of JnanaBhumi Web portal from the academic year 2017-18.


The JnanaBhumi Web portal will Go-Live with effect from 9th June, 2017.

SCOPE OF JnanaBhumi

  1. The implementation of JnanaBhumi shall be mandatory, from the academic year 2017-18, for all Departments /Boards /Affiliating Authorities / Universities & APSCHE and their affiliated educational institutions/colleges, (hereinafter referred as JnanaBhumi institutions) desirous of availing the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. JnanaBhumi institutions shall mandatorily implement the following JnanaBhumi modules: a) Institution Module b) Affiliating Authority Module c) Welfare Department Module d) Student module, as applicable (hereinafter referred to as “Core Modules”)
  3. All the Departments /Boards/Affiliating Authorities / Universities & APSCHE can develop and deploy customized modules/services in JnanaBhumi (hereinafter referred as “Additional Modules/Services”) & which shall be mandatory for all their respective affiliated educational institutions/colleges and students to onboard/ implement.


The following are the details of the Core Modules of JnanaBhumi and the services currently available in them:
  1. Institution Module (IM): 1.1) College Registration 1.2) Student Admission, 1.3) Student Attendance, 1.4) Student Academics 1.5) Section Creation
  2. Affiliating Authorities Module (AAM): 2.1) Confirmation of College Registration 2.2) Masters of Colleges, Courses and College & Course Mapping 2.3) Population of Course Fee structure
  3. Welfare Department Module (WDM): 3.1) Student Scholarship, 3.2) Reports and Analytics
  4. Student Module (SM): 4.1) Confirmation of Scholarship Details 4.2) Document Locker 4.3) Attendance & Academic information


  1. The workflow in the JnanaBhumi & the processing of the Post-Matric scholarship is integrated with the admission of the students into the educational institutions.
  2. The system of online registration earlier prescribed in the APePASS web portal stands dispensed from the academic year 2017-18 onwards. The student need not apply online for availing Post-Matric Scholarships but shall submit JnanaBhumi Scholarship Application Form(J-SAF), a physical form available free of cost at the College Admission In-charge office, at the time of submitting the admission form for the College. The J-SAF can also be downloaded at www.jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in. Basing on the details submitted by the student in J-SAF the educational institutions shall process the claim.
  3. The Post-Matric Scholarships claims, belonging to the periods prior to the academic year 2017-18, will continue to be processed in the APePASS portal.
  4. The Principal of the concerned JnanaBhumi institution shall be the owner of the Institution Module and its services.
  5. The Principal shall compulsorily enter in JnanaBhumi, the details of all Fresh and Renewal applications pertaining to the year 2017-18, irrespective of whether they are applying for Post-Matric Scholarships or not.
  6. The Principal shall simultaneously process, as per the prescribed workflow, the details of the students who have applied for Post-Matric Scholarships in J-SAF and forward the same electronically to the Welfare Departments.
  7. The Welfare Departments shall process and sanction the scholarship claims as per the eligibility of the applicants.


  1. The Daily Biometric Attendance process, as defined in Para 5(III)(b) of G.O. Ms. No.103, SW(Edn.2) Department, dated 24-10-16 shall be implemented as per the date notified by each Affiliating Authority. Pending the implementation of the Daily Biometric Attendance capture, the affiliating authorities shall ensure that the educational institutions capture the daily attendance of the students by implementing the Daily Manual Attendance module of JnanaBhumi.
  2. The attendance, so recorded, shall be used for payment of the monthly Maintenance Fee(MTF) of the students, as per the procedure prescribed at Para 5 (VI)(c), from the date notified for this purpose.
  3. All the concerned educational institutions shall upload the Academic Performance record of the students in the Student Academics service of the Institution Module immediately after the declaration of the results of the Semester/ End of Year examinations, as applicable to the course.



All New Admissions Students should bring the following document identification numbers/ Documents/IDs while applying for Post-Matric Scholarships along with their filled in J-SAF (JnanaBhumi Scholarship Application Form): 

  1. White Ration Card number 
  2. MeeSeva. Income Certificate number (for Non-white ration card holders) 
  3. MeeSeva. Caste Certificate number 
  4. Aadhaar number 
  5. *Copy of 1st Page of Bank Passbook containing Account No. and Name 
  6. Mobile number 
  7. Email ID 

*(Important: Ensure that the Bank Account is AADHAR linked/seeded)
On/Before Date of Admission
All New Admission Students should submit the JnanaBhumi Scholarship Application Form(J-SAF) (enclosed in Annexure) at the concerned College Admission In-charge office in the respective college and retain the student copy of the same application. J-SAF is a physical form available at the concerned College Admission In-charge office in the respective College. 

The educational institutions shall ensure that the filled in applications are filed properly and available at all times in the office of the admissions in-charge of the institution. * 

(NOTE: Student Mobile Number and Email ID registered at the time of admission in the scholarship application shall be used for all communication and authentication. (Hence this mobile number service has to be continued by the student)
On/Before Date of Admission
Students should submit the final list of scholarship related documents/document identification numbers/IDs as mentioned in 1
Within (7) working days of Student Date of Admission
All New Admission Students shall log in to the Student Module post the submission of Scholarship documents & check, update/confirm their personal, academic and scholarship details in their login.
Within (7) working days of Date of Admission
All New Admission Students Post confirmation/updation of scholarship related details in the respective Student Module and all the Renewal Students shall be summoned in convenient batches by the college administration for Biometric authentication for submitting the online scholarship information and application.
Within (15) days of Date of Admission
At the E4 stage, the Renewal students can make a one-time request to the college admission/college scholarship in-charge for modification of their Mobile number, Email ID and Bank Account Number and these details shall be updated by the college admission/scholarship in-charge. The student shall receive a One Time Password (OTP) as an SMS to the latest mobile number in the system at the time of Es and this should be shared with the college admission/scholarship in-charge. This OTP received and the students' biometric shall be used to submit the student scholarship application.
Within (15) days of Date of Admission


All New Admissions students and 2nd year & above students shall bring their AADHAR number, mobile number, Email ID along with the documents as mentioned by their colleges in their instructions of college application for new students.
On/Before Date of Admission
The New Admission students should confirm their disinclination to avail the scholarship by submitting the JnanaBhumi - Scholarship Application Form (J-SAF) with the respective documents/document numbers prescribed in the form. 

The educational institutions shall ensure that the filled in applications are filed properly and available at all times in the office of the admissions in-charge of the institution.
On/Before Date of Admission


Shall open Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (RBI/2012-13/164) to the students availing Scholarships. All students shall be provided facility of ATM card or ATM-cum-Debit Card & other facilities as per RBI Notification - RBI/2012-13/164
Within 30 days of Admission date
Banks shall ensure & facilitate AADHAR linkage/Seeding to all student bank accounts.
Within 30 days of Admission date

jnanabhumi scholarship application form

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