Clarifications on AP Teachers Transfers Rc No.190 Dated 05.07.2017

The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh vide Rc.No.190/Estt-III/Clfs/2017, dated 05.07.2017 has given certain clarification/ further instructions regarding AP Teachers Transfers. All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that some of the District Educational Officers have requested for certain clarifications in the reference 8th to 10th read above. In this connection, the following clarifications are issued and they are requested to take further necessary action in the matter promptly.



Sl No Clarification Requested Clarification Issued
Requested for pre-previous points in respect of Language Pandits and PETs affected due to upgradation of Posts in terms of GO 144 Fin & Plg Dt. 02.08.2016
The Language Pandits & PETs who are affected under upgradation of posts to that of SA(Tel/Hin) and SA(PE) and are in the zone of transfers may be allowed points of their pre-previous stations not exceeding maximum 8 academic years.
The teachers who are transferred in 2015 web counseling opted a place but not relieved due to deficit of teachers in the said school. Requested for permission to those candidates to participate in this counseling.
Teachers who were transferred in 2015 web counseling and opted for a place but who could not be relieved due to deficit of teachers in the said school are allowed to participate in the current counseling
Who are appointed as SGT/ Jr Asst and later selected as School Assistants in next DSC. The service points be counted from the date of appointment or from the date of Selected as School Assistant
Service points should be reckoned from their date of entry into service as SGT/Jr.Assistant
HM/Teacher who availed Spouse points may Opt the nearest place of Spouse Working or any other place in the district.
Already clarified in Pr.Rc.No190/Estt3/2017 Dt.06.06.2017of this office

Requested to consider points to the teachers (working under Work adjustment) and handling SSC and other subjects
Teachers working under work adjustment may be considered points as per their eligibility basing on their performance in subjects they taught while working on work adjustment.
Request to consider service points in respect of teachers working in the districts (came under) Inter-district transfers
The service points of the Inter-District Transferred teachers may be considered from the date of entry in service in the parent district and as per the eligibility of the teacher.
Request to consider for 8 academic years instead of 8 years as at in rule 12 Note (2) G.O 32
The teachers should avail either the preferential category (Rule 12) or the special points Rule 7(1 to VII) once in 8 academic years and an entry be recorded in the SR of the teacher concerned in the proper attestation
Requested for considering station category points in respect of teachers/Gr II HMs who joined under transfers counseling 2015 and affected now under rationalization.
Station category points (actual years or not exceeding 8 academic years) may be allowed in respect of teachers/Gr II HMs who joined under transfers counseling 2015 and affected now under rationalization.
There are three Non-viable UP Schools Follow running up to VIII class having below 30 strength but in view of VI & VII class strength they are visible (between 20- 30) and hence may those schools be allotted each four teacher posts(Maths/Science, Social, LP-Tel, LP-Hindi) as per Table-II or to be considered as non-viable UP schools and minimum SGT posts as against.
G.O.M.s No 42 School Education Dt. 30.06.2017 Table II-(A) may be followed where adequate SAs are available. If not available, surplus SGTs may be allotted.
As per G.O 42, 48 non-viable UP Schools are identified in the district and cannot be merged to nearby schools (due to lack of school within 3 KM radius), all the School Assistants & Language Pandits posts are identified as surplus and allotted to needy schools. As per the clarification issued by the CSE, AP minimum posts are to be allotted for those non-viable UP Schools. But, specific criteria of minimum posts may be mentioned for proving posts to such non-viable schools. But while allotting SGT posts to some non-viable schools, teacher posts are more than no.of students. Hence, specific criteria is solicited.
Instructed to submit specific school wise strength details.
There 5 School Assistant Mathematics under Government Management are surplus and 2 posts are allotted to needy Govt. schools remaining three working surplus teachers still surplus. Whether the 3 working surplus teacher posts are retained in the same schools or to adjust the 3 posts in the strength descending order (even though there is no need)
The surplus teachers should be allotted to the needy Zilla Parishad High schools depending upon the strength in descending order

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