Gayathri Scheme for Academic Excellence For Topper Brahmin Students of School/College/Institute 2017

The Andhra Pradesh Brahmin Welfare Corporation (ABC), a Government of Andhra Pradesh undertaking, has introduced "Gayathri Scheme for Academic Excellence" (GS-AE) for the year 2017-18. Under this scheme, topper of the school / College / Institute for the course will be recognized with certain amount through the prescribed process.


Click the below link to apply for Gayathi Scheme

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This scheme is applicable for students of Andhra Pradesh covering all 13 districts, who were the toppers of the recognized and reputed School / College / Institute for the academic year 2016-17 in SSC/ Intermediate or equivalent / Graduation / Professional Education Course/Post Graduation.


  • The student and his/her parents should belong to Brahmin Community and parents should reside in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Must be a Regular (Full Time) student of the course for the academic year 2016-17

  • Should be the topper of the entire course (at the end of SSC/Intermediate or equivalent/Graduation/Professional Education Course/Post Graduation) in the School/College/Institute for the academic year 2016-17. The toppers of SCC / Intermediate or equivalent and Graduation should have completed the course in Andhra Pradesh. However, toppers of PEC / PG may have completed the course from anywhere in India but the parents should be residing in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Should not have availed himself/ herself any amount under any other Government scheme for the same purpose.


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Course Amount
SSC (10th Class) Rs.7,500/-
Intermediate or equivalent (Polytechnic, ITI, etc.) (at the end of Final Year) Rs.10,000/-
Graduation (at the end of Final Year) Rs.15,000/-
Professional Education Course (at the end of Final Year) Rs.20,000/-
Post Graduation (at the end of Final Year) Rs.20,000/-


  1. Who should apply for this scheme?

    1. A. Any Brahmin Boy / Girl who is the topper of the School / College / Institute during the academic year 2016-17 and meeting the eligibility criteria of the scheme can apply.

  2. I am the topper of the Brahmin Community in my school/ college/institute. Can I apply?

    1. A. NO. This scheme is to encourage overall toppers, but not topper in Brahmin Community. If you are the Topper of the course in your school/college /Institute irrespective of the Community, then only you are eligible to apply.

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  3. What is the certificate that I have to produce as topper?

    1. The certificate, neatly typed on the letterhead of the School / College /Institute, indicating that the student is topper of the entire course may be obtained and uploaded a scanned copy.

    2. If you are one of the toppers of the course and sharing the same highest marks with others in the school/college / institute you are eligible to apply, provided a certificate as indicated above is provided. For example, in SSC there might be more than one student who has got 10/10 and you are one among them, but you will also be treated as topper.

  4. My results are not yet declared. Should I apply now?

    1. A. NO. Only those whose results are announced and stands as topper of the course

  5. I have completed my course through Distance Education / Correspondence and was a topper of the course. Am I eligible to apply?

    1. A. NO. Only those who have pursued the course in regular (Full Time) and stood topper are eligible.

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