Postponement of TSPSC Gurukul Teachers Examinations

TSPSC has postponed the examinations for various posts i.e. TGT, PGT, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, Staff Nurse, Craft Teacher, Lecturers, Physical Directors, Librarian, PET, Principals to be held from 21-07-2017 to 03-08-2017. The decision was taken in the view of the High Court's decision on GO No.1274 regarding all posts to be filled by female candidates in all the girls and women's educational institutions. The written tests will not be held until the next clarification received from the High Court. Revised exam dates will be announced later.



S.No. Date of Exam Post Notfication No.
1 21/07/2017 TGT- Mains (Phy. Science Social) 14/2017
2 22/07/2017 TGT- Mains (Science) 14/2017
3 30/07/2017 Degree College Lecturers, Physical Director in Degree Colleges, Librarian In Degree Colleges, Principal In Junior Colleges, Physical Director In Junior Colleges, Junior Lecturers, Librarian In Junior Colleges, And Principal Schools 22/2017, 23/2017, 24/2017, 25/2017, 26/2017, 27/2017, 28/2017 and 29/2017
4 31/07/2017 FN Art teacher 17/2017
5 01/08/2017 FN Craft teachers 18/2017
6 01/08/2017 AN Music teachers 19/2017
7 02/08/2017 FN & AN Librarian in Schools 20/2017
8 02/08/2017 FN & 03/08/2017 FN Staff Nurse 21/2017
9 02/08/2017 FN & 03/08/2017 AN PET 16/2017

Disputes are arising since the announcement of Gurukul posts notification. The government has issued advertisements prestigiously with 8408 posts under the first phase. 7308 posts are included in these posts. The qualifications proposed by the Social Welfare Society have created the dispute for filling up of Gurukkal posts. The TSPSPC has canceled all notifications as it has been contradicted of having qualified marks against the National Teacher Education Guidelines. After the qualification marks have been modified and issued new notifications, the problems are still there. forgetting minor issues, TSPSC has issued advertisements taking into account the requests received from student and unemployed communities.


The higher authorities of the welfare departments have decided to fill up all the posts in the Girls 'and Girls' Gurukkal Vidyalayas by women candidates only. Amendments were issued in recruitment regulations vide GO No.1274. Objections have been expressed since the issuance of this GO. More than 50 percent of the newly-sanctioned gurukulams are girls. Social welfare department has sent proposals to the TSPSPC for all these teaching and non-teaching posts to be filled with female candidates. Considering the boys' school as general schools, they decided to fill up posts with women and male candidates. Some candidates approached Hon'ble High Court due to the decision on fill up of posts with women candidates only in girls and women educational institutions. The petition said that the decision would lead to gender discrimination. The tests have been put on hold.

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