Nirmal Civil Assistant Surgeon/CAS Recruitment Results 2017 of DMHO

District Medical & Health Office, Nirmal district has released list of selected candidates for the post of Civil Assistant Surgeon (CAS) / Medical Officers on contract basis published vide notification No.234/2017 and counseling held on 28/08/2017 at District Medical and Health Office, Nirmal through District Selection Committee (DSC) under the chairmanship of District Collector.



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Merit No Appl. No. Name of the Candidate Father / Husband Name Date of Birth Caste
1 7 P Mamatha Swamy 29.03.1978 OC
2 11 B Sphurana Sugunakar 26.08.1987 BC-D
3 12 B Laxmikanth Bala kistaiah 03.05.1991 BC-B
4 3 D Sri Harshika Kishan 10.12.1992 BC-B
5 15 M Prathyusha Ramulu 21.06.1991 BC-D
11 14 K. Ramya Reddy Rajireddy 06.05.1990 OC
15 1 A Pranava Laxman 15.08.1988 ST

Selected Medical Officers List Nirmal

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